Power supplies

Design capacities

Our Engineering Department is composed of designers in electronics, mechanics, electrical engineering, and control systems. We use the following software to develop our products:

For mechanical design and layout of PCB :

Creo Elements Pro for mechanical design, Orcad for PCB schematics, Allegro for PCB routing.
The mechanical assembly (integration) can be adapted if necessary to the specifications of our customers.

For software :

Sourcery Code bench (STM32-µC), Code Composer (DSP-F2812), Altera Quartus, Model Sim (FPGA Cyclone 3), Visual Studio et Lab View for the IHM.

For power electronics design :

PSIM for simulations of the power and control boards, LT SPICE for electronic board simulations

Simulation with PSIM

Buildings, test area and testing equipment

Sigmaphi Electronics has all the assembly and wiring equipment in-house to manufacture modules that will be pre-tested before being integrated into racks.
Once equipment is fully assembled, it is tested according to a standard test protocol or adapted to customer’s needs.
Once equipment has been tested, it is shipped and can also be installed at the customer site, if requested.
The company moved to new buildings of 4000m² in 2014 located in Haguenau – France.

The assembling area has 27 workstations

Some assembling stations


Some assembling stations

Testing area

We have the necessary infrastructure and measurement equipment to test up to 7 systems simultaneously.

The building is equipped with a 1 MVA power transformer, which gives us the possibility to simultaneously test a large number of systems.


Equipement of our test area :

All workstations in our testing area have :
• 400 V, 750 – 1000 KVA three-phase current distribution with voltage and current display for each step.
• 690 V, 300 KVA three-phase current distribution, with voltage and current display for each phase
• A three-phase current distribution with variable voltage from 0 to 480V300 KVA, with voltage and current display for each phase

Powered frequency converter 50/60 Hz, 6 KVA

High voltage generator ZEISS 150 KV, 500 µA

Resistive loads :
24 x 1 Ω, Ptotal 144 KW
28 x 20 mΩ, 600A max, Ptotal 200 kW
24 x 17 mΩ 600A, max, Ptotal 200 KW
50kW water load
50kW water load

Cooling systems

Closed circuit with 500KW cooling tower
Closed circuit with 6KW heat exchanger, stabilized at ±1°C


Charge à eau de 50kW

Other test and measurement equipment

Datron 1281

Kikusui TOS 8850

Kikusui TOS6100

Philips PM 5133

Fluke 845

Automatic test bench

Our automatic test bench based on NI PXIe-1078 controller allows the self-calibration of our power supplies and in parallel the testing of several parameters.

NI PXIe-1078 – 9 Slots
Banc de test automatique

The automatic test bench generates test reports automatically :