Radiofrequency amplifiers

Sigmaphi designs and manufactures Pulse or Solid State RF Amplifier according to specific customer requirements in the frequency range from 30MHz to 3 GHz for powers up to several hundred kW.

Design capacities

Our team consists of RF Senior Engineers, assisted by Technicians and Engineers for the mechanics, electric and control system.

The Engineering team works closely with the main transistor manufacturers in order to always be able to suggest the latest technological developments to customers.

We design our electronics boards using the following CAD software:
Schematics: Orcad
PCB Routing: Allegro PCB Designer
Our amplifiers embed all passives functions (such as Couplers, Splitter, Combiners, etc.) based on our home designs, tailored to suit the needs of the customers using the following RF simulation tools:
RF circuits synthesis: KEYSIGHT GENESYS



Mechanical integration and the detailed drawings are implemented with CREO.
The technical documentation and wiring diagrams are made with EPLAN ELECTRIC P8 & PRO PANEL

Command and control

Development tools :
Sourcery Code bench (STM32-µC)
KEIL MDK Professional
Code Composer (DSP-F2812)
Altera Quartus
Model Sim (FPGA Cyclone 3-4)
Visual Studio and Lab View for the HMI


We buy our components according to technical specifications established by the engineering team. Our main suppliers are located in France and Europe.

Sigmaphi manufactures and tests all the sub-systems in house before integration into the cabinets. A training program may also be offered to help the customer become familiar with the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of Sigmaphi products.

Once completely assembled, the products are then submitted to a standard or an adapted test protocol to ensure that the performances meet the customer requirements.

If needed, a factory acceptance is organized with the customer.
Once approved, the products are shipped and can be installed by Sigmaphi staff, on request.
A training program may also be offered to become familiar with the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of Sigmaphi products.

Facility, test area & equipment

The company moved to new buildings of 4000m² in 2014 located in Haguenau – France.
The assembling area has 27 workstations.

We have the necessary infrastructure and measurement equipment to test up to 7 systems simultaneously.

The building is equipped with a 1 MVA transformer, which gives us the possibility to simultaneously test a large number of systems.

Cooling systems

Closed circuit with 500KW cooling tower
Closed circuit with 6KW heat exchanger, stabilized at ±1°C

RF Test equipment list

3 Network analyzers (Agilent 5070B; Rhode&Schwarz ZNB8)
3 Spectrum Analyzers (Rhode&Schwarz FSL 6GHz)
Oscilloscopes (R&S RTO1022)
6 Generators (HP 8648B)
8 RF Probes (R&S NRPZ11; NRPZ81)
12 RF charges water-cooled from 5 to 200KW

All RF modules are tested in our ESD lab.

Examples and performances

RF Amplifier– Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

RF Amplifier 10 kW CW and Pulse à 1.3GHz.

RF Module 19’’ Standard

From 8kW/50MHz to 2kW/1.75GHz in CW

RF Amplifier – Fermilab (Illinois, USA)

RF Amplifier 2x75kW CW at 162.5MHz

Synchrotron Sesame (Allan, Jordan)

4x80kW CW 500MHz
Technology transfer with Synchrotron Soleil

RF Amplifier– Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA)

RF Amplifier 10kW CW at 1,3GHz.

RF Equipment – GANIL (Caen, FRANCE)

32 RF Amplifiers RF 88MHz 2.5kW à 18kW CW