Working from a functional specification to purchase a complete beamline is the warranty for :
• Optimizing the complete system and reduce investments and operation costs
• Having a single representative and avoid interface issues
• Handling the global performance
• Reducing your internal expenses in term of specification, detailed design, purchase and technical acceptance of the system

Design capabilities

Beam optics calculation

Optimization of magnet and power supply

Synchrotron dipole, optimization of the magnetic GAP from 55 to 38 mm.

Vacuum system calculation

For the definition of the pumping system, we are offering our experience, expertise and collaboration with our suppliers, main actors of the market

• Outgasing rate definition according to material and surface finishing
• Conductance calculation
• Primary vacuum pumping down simulations
• Secondary vacuum pumping down simulations
• Vacuum pressure profile along a beamline

Profil de pression le long d’une ligne de faisceau

Vacuum pressure profile along a beamline

Example of a secondary vacuum pumping down curve

Example of a primary vacuum pumping down curve

Beam diagnostics definition

Sigmaphi, through collaborations and partnerships propose the appropriate beam diagnostics and instrumentation. (Beam position monitor, Beam profile monitor, Beam current monitor, Beam emittance scanner, Slits, Collimators …)

Command and Control systems

We specify and define the command and control systems. We build the complete system and collaborate with reputed experts when necessary.


Manufacturing capabilities

Magnets, power supplies and vacuum chambers manufacturing

Pre-assembly and factory tests

Example of manufacturing and complete assembly of a beamline in factory.

On-site installation and commissioning

Pre-assembly and factory tests

On-site installation, tests and commissioning.

Examples and performances

Heavy ions beamline JINR-Acculinna2 (Russia)

(Xe34+, Kr22+, Fe18+, Ar12+, …)• Length 70 meters

• 4 Dipoles
• 21 Quadrupoles
• 5 Sextupoles
• 3 Octupoles
• 6 Correctors
• All magnets power supplies
• All vacuum chambers and diagnostics
• Vacuum pumping and measuring system
• Vacuum pressure 1.10-6 mbars

Mass Separator

• 3 quadrupoles
• Magnets power supplies
• Vacuum pressure differential 1.10-6 mbar – 2 mbar and Command and Control System
• Beam stopper




JINR Mass Separator



Energy Selection System for ELI

• 4 Dipoles
• 2 Quadrupoles
• 2 Correctors
• Magnets power supplies
• Hall probes
• Vacuum chambers
• All support stands and positioning systems
• Motorized slits