Performance supporting Industry and Protontherapy

Sigmaphi guarantees industrial excellence for all its customers, through a rigourous but not heavy-handed organization, and a permanent improvement program.

Our main assets are :
• Quality is at the center of every process
• Empowering everybody
• A strong permanent improvement practice
• A continuous investment in industrial equipment

This gives :
• A high level of service, with an OTD higher than 90% for recurring products
• A willingness and a capacity to propose cost and manufacturing cycle reductions. – A level of service which responds to your high level demands.
• A speedy and effective response to answer any of your requests.

Cost reduction

Optimisation for Acculinna (JINR, Russia)

The initial layout issued by the customer featured 14 different very large (2~6 tons) quadrupoles, all with a different bore radius, a different maximum gradient and a cylindrical vacuum chamber.

Optimization was performed in 3 main steps, first grouping the quads in a limited number of families with common characteristics, then tailoring vacuum chambers to the actual beam size instead of circular chambers and finally balancing costs and electrical efficiency between coils and power supplies. Of course, the actual process was not as “linear” as described above but the different goals were reached iteratively. The final result was a dramatic saving in power consumption at no extra material cost.”

W. Beeckmann, R&D at Sigmaphi

Project management/after sales service

All our companies are ISO 9001 certified.