Well being and performance

One of Sigmaphi core missions is to generate profits as well as in investing in our personnel, and we do believe that when properly driven, performance is enhanced as is the well being of all of our staff. Corporate identity and human values must be apparent at the heart of our comapny, and we do this through our NEO programme.
In the same way, our customer relationships are based on transparency, performance and pleasure taken in our work. The values of SIGMAPHI are:
• Altruism: respect for others, trust, a positive attitude, tolerance for error, listening, solidarity
• Encouraging employees to be responsible participants by using their agility, rigour, intelligence, pragmatism and performance
• Their ability to act in the long term
• The pleasure they give to and receive from their work

« Il n’y a de richesse que d’hommes » (J. BODIN)


President’s message

We have always considered that well-being is one of the keys to optimal performance
In a company, as in many human activities like sport, performance is driven by the capacity to focus all one’s cleverness and energy towards a given challenge.
We all know people doing extraordinary things in their personal life, yet being bored at work.
There is no reason for this difference other than the quality of management and the working environment. We work hard on both these aspects through our NEO program.
This also helps to keep all talents in the company.

Sigmaphi employees’ testimonal