Superconducting magnets

Since the year 2000 and the LHC building adventure, Sigmaphi has supplied superconducting magnets to big physics laboratories around the world.

Sigmaphi is now a leading company which has the know how and skills to manufacture NbTi, MgB2 or HTS superconducting magnets, liquid or Helium free, standard or superferric, with racetrack or Cos Theta coils.

Design capacities

Our calculation expert team can fully design your magnet: Magnetic design, mechanical design, cryogenics, Quench calculation and detection, through our knowledge of softwares (Opera, Ansys, Tosca, Elektra, Solidworks, Tempo, Quench)

Manufacturing Capacities

A 600 m² workshop dedicated to superconducting products.

A manufacturing engineering team that designs and manufactures tooling and special equipment.

An experienced team dedicated to superconducting products

Examples and performances

Superconducting magnets – Thomas Jefferson Laboratory (Virginia, USA)

Sigmaphi designed and realized three superconducting magnets for CEBAF upgrade

2 quadrupoles NbTi
Gradient 16 T / m
4250 A
Ø free 600mm
15 tons

Wave magnet – CEA (Saclay, France)

Sigmaphi designed and manufactured a wide aperture vector magnet dedicated to neutron diffraction experiments.with its own power supply.

Variable field in X, Y, Z.
Angular aperture : 220° horizontal; +/-10° vertical
1 tesla max
NbTi coils
Helium cooling with ingenious closed circuit

Cyclotron magnet – CEA/Lotus

Sigmaphi manufactured a dry magnet with its power supply for a radioisotope production cyclotron, in partnership with CEA and PMB

Bore 514mm



NbTi, He free


Quadrupoles – project QUACO/CERN/HILUMI

R&D project with CERN
Double aperture quadrupoles ID 90mm
Gradient : 120T/m (B max : 6.1 T)
Length : 4m
NbTi 1.9K, 4596 A

Solenoid – project BOSSE

Partnership with CNRS for DGA
Solenoid YbCCO for energy storage
13.1T, 972A, 1.3MJ