Resistive magnets

Sigmaphi team has been here to design, manufacture, measure and install the magnets you need :

• Dipoles, multipoles, solenoids
• DC, AC, scanning magnets
• From 20kg to more than 100 tons
• With solid steel yoke or laminated steel yoke (1mm, 0.5mm, 0.35mm…)
• With plain enameled or hollow copper conductor (including oversized cross sections)
• Extreme environments resistants (heat, vacuum, radiations…)

Our expertise in magnetic design and magnetic measurement is the guarantee that magnets will be optimized for your application.
Our magnets are delivered turnkey, when required: including vacuum chamber, adjustable support stand and feet, and suitable power supply.

Manufacturing capacities

Industrial capacity

Through its experience on resistive magnets and its industrial capacities, Sigmaphi can manufacture medium-sized series in record time and has a sufficiently flexible organization to answer any of your needs. Increasing manufacturing capacities or manufacturing an over-sized product? Our team is ready to accept the challenge.
Every year, we manufacture more than 1000 magnets, some which weigh more than 100 tons.

Examples and performances

FAIR dipoles (Darmstadt, Germany)

46 dipoles 1T @ 1740 A
Gap 100mm
Effective length: 4.2m
Weight: 40 tons per dipole

Turnkey assemblies – Protontherapy center (USA)

Quadrupole triplet assembly with beam instrumentation, vacuum chamber, and alignment system.
For several protontherapy centers, dozens of different turkney assemblies delivered.

Quadrupole doublet – Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

Compact quadrupole doublet with field regulated power supplies 70mm and 150mm bore diameters.

Quadrupole triplet – S3 line on SPIRAL 2 (GANIL, France)

Each quadrupole includes coils to generate dipolar and sextupolar fields

340mm bore diameter
Effective length per quadrupole : 612 mm
Weight: 7.5 tons per quadrupole

Sextupole – synchrotron SOLEIL (France)

124 sextupoles with dipolar and quadripolar correction

73mm bore diameter
Gradient: 320 T/m²

90° Dipole – MedAustron hadrontherapy center (Wiener Neustadt, Austria)

1.7 T
Gap 230 mm
Effective length : 5.8m
Weight 82 tons (115 tons with mechanical reinforcements)
Re-assembly, installation and alignment realized at customer site.

Quadrupole – Mitsubishi (Japan)

Protontherapy quadrupole

Quadrupoles – Elettra synchrotron (Trieste, Italy)

97 quadrupoles
4 different designs from 5 T/m to 15T/m